A 2017 Gift Guide (and a Great Idea)

I LOVE giving gifts. I love remembering brands people like, listening for what they say they need, and even wrapping gifts. But I may not be such a good gift receiver. My taste is super specific and usually I just buy stuff for myself. My Lead Life Adviser and Chief Happiness Engineer, Sean Shamloufar had the best idea for next Christmas, and just gift giving in general. Throughout the year, you and whomever else will write down things they think of that they wouldn't mind receiving as gifts and drop the paper into a jar (along with the pertinent info and price range). At the end of the year you have an entire collection of ideas for gifts! Plus it's way less impersonal just than just handing someone a list of wants mid-November. You'll be covered for birthdays, anniversaries, and ready for surprises! Win-win right? He's genius. 

But alas, if you are at a loss for what to get for a lucky lady in your life here are few ideas: 

1. A delicate boobie necklace, cause she appreciates them too. 

2. Date night with a tattoo appointment. Liberty and Memorial are both good in Atlanta. 

3. A blacked-out pair of the shoes she'll wear until the soles crumble. 

4. A blue chambray weighted blanket, because it's backed by science and comes in a pretty fabric. 

5. Anything from Sezene. ANYTHING. Especially the shoes. 

6. Certificates for a treatment or two to a hip salon in Old Forth Ward

7. Hugs.